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LESSONS LEARNED – The good – the bad & the UGLY

In my experience of planning, designing and building out office spaces, I have learned priceless lessons about what works, what doesn’t work and sometimes turns out just plain ugly! I always keep a log so I can refer to these experiences trying to duplicate the good and avoid the bad. Some places I have worked in the corporate world have even required us to not only keep a log but to report on these lessons to our leaders and colleagues.

Sharing lessons learned is a key factor in good collaboration and why design build is so successful when delivered properly. The construction industry is so complex with all the different trades working together….

or NOT as this cartoon depicts.

Unfortunately we see this sort of conflict too often on the job site which leads to costly delays in the schedule and finger pointing as to who will pay. I say let’s come together early in the planning stages to share our lessons between all trades; reducing the potential for failures and mishaps and reinforcing a positive result!